Program Schedule

Details of Lectures, Venues and Moderators
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Day 1 Day 2
Session 1: Allied Health, IT328
Session 2: Business, IT228
Session 3: Education, IT235
Session 4: Business, IT306
Session 5: Social Science, IT307
Session 6: Business, IT210
Session 7: Business / Science & Technology, IT222
Session 8: Science & Technology, IT320A
Session 1: Allied Health, IT328
Session 2: Allied Health/Education, IT228
Session 3: Education, IT235
Session 4: Education / Social Science, IT306
Session 5: Theology, IT307
Session 6: Business, IT210
Session 7: Science & Technology, IT222
Session 8: Miscellaneous, IT320A


 DAY 1—Program
07:50-08:40 Opening Ceremony

Processional (University Flags)

King’s Anthem

University Song

Welcome: Dr. Danny Rantung, AIU President

Devotion: Dr. Alfredo Agustin, Dean-Faculty of Religious Studies

Musical Item: AIU Chamber Chorale

Closing Prayer: Dr. Sang Hoon Jee

Emcee: Mr. Ebenezer Belete
08:40-08:50 Introduction to Speakers:

Mr. Damrong Sattayawaksakul, VP Academic Administration-AIU

08:50-09:35 Keynote Address

Dr. Joy Fehr, Provost, La Sierra University

09:35-10:00 Invited Speakes:

Dr. Mirriam Narbarte, VP Academic Administration-AUP


Announcements: Catalyst and University Publication, Dr. Wayne Hamra

17:00 A meeting of Research Directors/Vice Presidents will be held to discuss the future directions–schedule for 17:30-18:30




Meet 17:00 sharp at the roadway outside of the Library (IT Building)
19:00-20:30 Evening Film Showing

King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s life and works




Kiti Tasanee Auditorium


 DAY 2—Program
07:50-08:30 Opening Song: We Have This Hope

Prayer: Dr. Henry Foster, Business-AIU

Devotion: Dr. Franklin Hutabarat, AIU

Closing Musical Item: AIU Chamber Chorale–“It Is Well With My Soul”

Closing Prayer: Gerard Bernard, Theology-AIU

Emcee: Mr. Paolo Bueno, Business-AIU
08:30-08:40 Introduction to the Speakers:

Garth Hibbert, VP of Student Administration, AIU

08:40-10:00 Invited Speakers:

1. Dr. Reymand Hutabarat, President, UNAI

2. Dr. Stanley Nangoy, Assistant Professor, UNKLAB

3. Dr. Danny Rantung, President, AIU

17:30-18:30 Closing Ceremony

Devotional Message: Pastor Luesak Yangkullawat, AIU Church Partor

Remarks of Appreciation: Research Directors

AUP Video Presentation

Prayer and Blessing: Pastor Kosin Chanpisut, AIU Associate Church Pastor

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 1: Allied Health, IT328
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Dr. Jarurat Sriratanaprapat
Authors Title of Paper
L1 10:15-10.40 Bianca Adap, April Santiago,Enri Tuparan,
Beryl Ben Mergal*
Predictors of Clinical Performance of   Staff Nurses and Student Nurses: A Meta-Analysis Study
L2 10:40-11:05 Rosalinda Solano,
Mary Jane Botabara-Yap, Miriam R. Estrada
Effect of Lifestyle Intervention Program on the   Health Status of Hypertensive Adults
L3 11:05-11:30 Lara Angela A. Castronuevo, Kareza Grace   S. Arguelles, Renthlei Rinkima; Myrtle Orbon;
Herminiano Subido; et al.
Effectiveness of Storytelling on   Children with High Dental Anxiety: Basis for Pediatric Dentistry Material
L4 11:30-11:55 Natasha   Joneaand Samuael Maju Simanjuntak The Relationship between Nursing Work Motivation and   Implementation of Six Targets of Patient Safety Program
at Inpatient   Department Bandung Adventist Hospital
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Pornpan Saminpanya
L5 13:10-13:35 Michael Robin Aggabao, Hillary Jane   Basilio-Ramirez, Nicole Anne Marie Cababat, Mark Oliver Carpio, Gloria
Mariz   Sausa,
Ardie Tayongtong
Duration and Frequency of Physical   Activity as Correlates of Self-Esteem of Nursing Students
L6 13:35-14:00 Angel Grace F. Bingcang Personal Determinants and Their Relation   to Health Assets as Mediated by Role Transition Response: Basis
for a   Retirement Preparation Program
L7 14:00-14:25 Samuel   M. Simanjuntak Spiritual Persuasion and Self-management Behavior   among Adults withType 2 Diabetes in   West Indonesia
L8 14:25-14:50 Rumaecca Ayore, Kevin Santos, Jacqueline   Relly, Gladden Del Bragas,
Jacqueline   Polancos
Degree of Responsibility and Health   Condition as Determinants to Lifestyle Practices and Stress among
University   Faculty
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Dr. Chantana Lortajakul
L9 15:05-15:30 Magdy Maher, Arjean Pinuela, Mae Beth Fajilan,
Rona Beth Salazar Saban,Jael Susy
Student Nurses’ First Patient Death Experience in   The Clinical Duty: A Phenomenological Study
L10 15:30-15:55 Samuel   M. Simanjuntakand Palupi Triwahyuni Hand-wrist Watch or Lanyard-watch for Nursing Care   in The Hospital: Professional Nurses Choice
L11 15:55-16:20 Jeanny   Rantungand Evie Novita Silaban Foot Soak with Warm Water in Elderly and the Quality   of Sleep
L12 16:20-16:45 Sapti   H. Widiyarti, and Yvonne M. Rundengan Survey on the Teenagers obesity at Adventist High   School in Bandung
L13 16:45-17:10 Debilly   Yuan Boyohand Suy Grace Hariati Nainggolan Parenting Pattern and Bullying Behaviors of   Teenagers in Parongpong, West Java

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 2: Business, IT228
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Dr. Henry Foster
Authors Title of Paper
L1 10:15-10.40 Wanlee Putsom &
Damrong Sattayawaksakul*
The Effect of Work Engagement on   Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction in Nonprofit Organizations
L2 10:40-11:05 Noah Anburaj Balrajand Ratna   Noah Human Structure vs. Organizational   Structure: A Conceptual View
L3 11:05-11:30 Pak T. Lee,
Nguyen   Thi Phuong Linh, Sunisa Thatong
Students’ Perceptions of the Lecture and   Active Learning Methods in Teaching: A Study of Asian Students
L4 11:30-11:55 Narumon Kaewduang&   Wayne Hamra Financial ratio analysis of selected   Seventh-day Adventist tertiary educational institutions in Southeast
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Wayne Hamra
L5 13:10-13:35 Wanlee Putsom &
Subin Putsom
What Are the Different Views of Leaders in Terms of   Leadership Skill in a Nonprofit Organization?
L6 13:35-14:00 Pak T. Lee &
Pimpa Cheewaprakobkit
Students’ Perceptions of PowerPoint Teaching in an   Asian Higher Education Environment
L7 14:00-14:25 Shirley   Lascuna, Jolly Balila Reuel Narbarte, Robert Borromeo Assessment of Medical Expenses of University   Employees: Basis for Health and Wellness Program
L8 14:25-14:50 Noah   Anburaj Balraj Consumer   Behavior on Consumption of Smartphone
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Dr. Henry Foster
L9 15:05-15:30 Robert Borromeo, Jolly   Balila, Myrtle Orbon, Winifredo Paez, Natividad Estapon, Arlene Gayoba Determining the Disaster Preparedness of   Students and Non-teaching Employees of Adventist University of
the   Philippines (AUP) and Its Financial implications
L10 15:30-15:55 Harlyn Siagian,
Ruben T Carpizo., Reuel E. Narbarte, Lualhati P. Sausa, Merlyn R.   Mendoza
Management Control System, Human   Resource Management Practices, and Organizational Performance of Selected
Higher Education Institutions in the Southern Asia Pacific
L11 15:55-16:20 Daniel   Kyamuhangiire  Internal Control System Relation to Growth and   Organizational Performance among Non-Profit Organizations
L12 16:20-16:45 Glenda Joy B. Lopez,Jolly S. Balila, Miriam P. Narbarte,   ReuelE. Narbarte, RobertA. Borromeo,
Ruben T. Carpizo
Evaluation of Strategic Planning in HEIs   Using Context, Input, Process, Product (CIPP)Model: Basis for
an Enhanced Model
L13 16:45-17:10 Daniel Kyamuhangiire &
Evely Garcia Lintao
Outsourcing in Accounting and Expert   Financial Controller: Empirical study of the Philippine Call Center

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 3: Education, IT235
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Naltan Lampadan
Authors Title of Paper
L110:15-10.40 Mangadar   Simbolon*and Palupi Triwahyuni Developmental Stages, Gadget Used and Social Media   Exposure
L2 10:40-11:05 Hailu, Nishimwe, Santos,
Mark Samson* & Heidi Arit
Sex Health Education from Home and School: It’s   Influence on Adolescents’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Beliefs
Toward Sexuality
L3 11:05-11:30 Louise   M. Saija* and Desti Naisella Lalihatu Comparative Study towards Junior High School Students   Mathematical Problem Solving Enhancement Using Tree
Types of Cooperative   Learning Model
L4 11:30-11:55 Albinur   Limbongand Horasdia Saragih Dominant Factors Influencing New Students to Choose   UNAI
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Octavian Mantiri
L5 13:10-13:35 Nelson   Balisar Panjaitan, Caroline Katemba Tobing and Gladys   Octavia Rumondor The Effectiveness of Using Total Physical Response   Storytelling (TPRS) to Enhance Students’ Vocabulary
L6 13:35-14:00 Shireen   Bazliel&
Lalita   Kurian
Collaborative Teaching Strategies in Literature
L7 14:00-14:25 Caroline V Katemba &
Nur Ayu Sitompul
A Comparison of Using Diglot Weave Technique and   Student Team Achievement Division on Student Vocabulary
L8 14:25-14:50 Caroline   V. Katembaand Randison Buli Improving Speaking Skills Using Gallery Walk   Technique
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Naltan Lampadan
L9 15:05-15:30 Michelle   Carbonilla Supervisory Practices, Instructional Quality, and   Learning Environment in Relation to Librarian Licensure
Examination   Performance as Mediated by Self-Efficacy: Basis for Performance Enhancement   Model
L10 15:30-15:55 Josie Felda A. Calera,
Leonardo   B. Dorado
Transformational and Transactional   Behaviors as Predictors of Quality Education
L11 15:55-16:20 Jeremiah C. Fameronag School Governance and Leadership   Efficacy of ASEAN School Leaders
L12 16:20-16:45 Maricel A.Ramirez and
Rufina P.Francisco
Inquiry-Based Learning: Its Effect on   Science Achievement and Social Skills of Grade IV Pupils
L13 16:45-17:10 Leonor T. Amacio, Rhea R.   Mateo, Edna T. Mercado, Azenith R. Mojica, Carmela Z. Reyes Performances of Student-Applicants for   Selected Feeder Schools in the DLSU-Dasmariñas College Entrance
Test for   Three Consecutive School Years (2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015)

Lecture  Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 4: Business, IT306
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Dr. Helen Edwards
Authors Title of Paper
L1 10:15-10.40 Feven Tekeste Fiseha and
Miriam Razon Estrada*
Internet Use Management Program: Its   Effects on the Lifestyle of High School Students
L2 10:40-11:05 Chosen F. Belga, Rhaya Charise D. Ramos   &
Mylene S. Gumarao
A Case Study on Suicide Attempters
L3 11:05-11:30 Jolly Balila, SusyJael,Danielle de Villa, Fides Cas, Nhel Kevin Dias Mediating Effect of School Engagement on   the Relationship of Support System and Suicidal Ideation
L4 11:30-11:55 Eden V. Tabang,
Eva T. Castillo, Flor Villa P. Marticio, Mylene S. Gumarao,   Myrtle C. Orbon
Workplace Bullying as Mediator of   Leadership Styles and Self-Concept among Employees
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Karlton Keller
L5 13:10-13:35 Israel Tayaben, Alex Nieva, John Michael Sadiwa,   Sheila Masangcay,
Michelle T. Collado,   Nerissa S. Batulayan
Academic Performance and Mental Ability of Students   as Determinants in Passing the Licensure Examinations
for Teachers
L6 13:35-14:00 Marvelous F. Opina, Jenny Ann A. Sabanal, Bernardino   N. Handoc, Ronalyn V. Lazaro, Joan F. Andres,
Lowena De Ocampo
Personality traits, self-efficacy, and social   interaction skills of office administration students
L7 14:00-14:25 John Patrick B. Flores,
Dina D. Galang, Susy A. Jael, Jezamine R. De Leon, Vicky A.   Mergal, Myrtle C. Orbon
Work Environment, Sleep Quality, Confidence in   Decision-Making and Emotional Labor of Nurses Mediated
by Self-Efficacy
L8 14:25-14:50 Princess Joy Balualua, Linna-Aw JanPhodaca, Louie Angelo,
Teresita Jael, Joyosthie Orbe
Determinants of Suicidal Ideation among   Nursing Students
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Tantip Kitjaroonchai
L9 15:05-15:30 Michelle B. Francisco, Rosdy N. Lazaro,   Mariecar C. Santos,
Flor Villa P.   Marticio
Family functioning and social life   regulation among adolescents
L10 15:30-15:55 Reuel   E. Narbarte, Jolly S. Balila, Shirley J. Lascuna Predictors of Job Satisfaction and   Commitment of University Employees: Basis for Intervention
L11 15:55-16:20 Arianne S. Alvarez, Esther F. Fabrero,   Nerrie M. Tanyag,
Myrtle C. Orbon
Determinants of Risk of Relapse among   Drug Surrenderees
L12 16:20-16:45 Bea T. Felia, Dan De Guzman,
Genfil Villahermosa, Romeo Barrios,   Lea Licong
Organizational communication,   motivation, and job satisfaction among Employees
L13 16:45-17:10 SPARE

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 5: Social Science, IT307
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Karlton Keller
Authors Title of Paper
L1 10:15-10.40 Alvyn   Hendriks*& Anne Lou Hendriks Passion to Learn and Share: A Narrative Inquiry on   the Experiences, Sacrifices, and Coping Strategies
of Self-Supporting   Students
L2 10:40-11:05 Jonel   G. Olemberioand Joshua R. A. Poe Exploratory Factor Analysis on Suicidal Tendencies   among College Students in Dasmariñas
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Bienvisa Nebres
L5 13:10-13:35 Lea   Andy Shintyaand Reagen Mandias Personality, Social Support and Marital Satisfaction   as Correlates of Paternal Post Natal Depression
L6 13:35-14:00 Charity   H. Garcia Toward Christian-Identity Response Theory: Exploring   Identity, Spirituality, and Response to Adversity
Among African American   Males Placed at Risk
L8 14:25-14:50 Idauli
SIMBOLON and Debilly Yuan Boyoh






Adventist University of Indonesia;

Kegel Exercise on Elderly Women with Urinary Incontinence
BREAK 14:50-15:05
L9 15:05-15:30 SPARE
L10 15:30-15:55 SPARE
L11 15:55-16:20 SPARE
L12 16:20-16:45 SPARE
L13 16:45-17:10 SPARE

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 6: Business, IT210
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Dr. Noah Balraj
Authors Title of Paper
L2 10:40-11:05 Lorina   Siregar Sudjiman and Paul Eduard Sudjiman Effect of Der, Roe, and Percentage Offering on   Shares to Initial Return in its Companies Doing Ipo in
Indonesia Stock   Exchange (Empirical Study on Non-Financial Companies
L3 11:05-11:30 Maropen  R. Simbolon, Francis M. Hutabarat Financial Distress Analysis and Its Relationship   towards Earnings Management of Cosmetic Companies
L4 11:30-11:55 Franky   Mantiri & Pak T. Lee Working Capital and Profitability Performance:An Evidence from Indonesia Mining Companies   Listed in Indonesia
Stock Exchange
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Noah Balraj
L5 13:10-13:35 Paul   Eduard Sudjimanand Lorina Siregar Sudjiman DER and TATO with the Affecting on the Performance   of the ROA
L6 13:35-14:00 Victor   C. Sinagaand Judith T. Gallena Financial Viability of Mushroom Growers (Farmers) at   Cisarua, Bandung
L714:00-14:25 Francis M. Hutabarat and
Ronny B. Sihotang
Financial Distress Analysis, Roa, and its   Relationship towards Tax Avoidances of Automotive Companies
Listed at   Indonesian Stock Exchange
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Dr. Wayne Hamra
L9 15:05-15:30 Dwi Marlina Wijayanti,
Frisky Jeremy Kasingku and Risa Rukmana
Ethical Dilemma on Accountant
L10 15:30-15:55 Ernest   Matindas An Importance-Performance Analysis of University   Food Service Facility
L11 15:55-16:20 Melinda   Lydia Nelwan and Bellatrix Kezia Debora Mambu Auditor Reputation, Financial Performance, and   Earnings Management
L12 16:20-16:45 Fanny   SoewignyoandTonny Irianto Soewignyo Predicting Profitability Using Operating Cash Flow   Based Measures
L13 16:45-17:10 Gerald Lanjuto Andika Sagala &
Judith T.Gallena
The Effect of Audit Committee   Effectiveness on the Timeliness of Financial Reporting

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 7: Business and Science/Technology, IT222
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Dr. Henry Foster
Authors Title of Paper
L1 10:15-10.40 Tonny   I. Soewignyo* Analysis of the Effect of Profitability,   Solvability, and Dividend Policy on Firm Banking Value
L2 10:40-11:05 Harman   Malau The Impact of Marketing Mix Variables on   Organizational Goals of Health Service Clinic at West Bandung-Indonesia
L3 11:05-11:30 Romulo   Sinabutarand Jonris Hotman Tua The Analysis of Company Performance of PT. YC YEC   Indonesia by Using Balance Score Card Method to Dealing
with ASEAN Economics   Community
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Kazimoto Muyisa
L5 13:10-13:35 Henry   Foster Critical Thinking and   its Impact on the Business Community and its Importance in the Curriculum
L6 13:35-14:00 Francis   M. Hutabaratand Harman Malau The Impact of Financial Distress, Size, Roa on Firm   Value: An Evidence from Cosmetic and Household Companies
Listed at Indonesian   Stock Exchange
L7 14:00-14:25 Bejoy   Sulankeyand P. Kazimoto Muysia A Study of the Influence of Service Quality on   Passenger Satisfaction: the Context of Suvarnabhumi International
L8 14:25-14:50 John  Bueno, Stanislav Kirilov and Edwardson Pedragosa Jr Main Predictors of   Attitudes towards the Useof Moodle for Learning Business Administration   Courses
in an International University Setting
AFTER BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Dr. Tandenda Mushunje
L9 15:05-15:30 Jochebed Dianem Dominguez,Thanattha Kiatyanyong, Andre Rosas,
Vicky   Mergal, Lorcelie Taclan
Antibacterial Activity of a Developed Lemongrass   (Cymbopogon citratus) Mouthrinse Prepared at Different
L10 15:30-15:55 Dexter   F. Pajarito, Jeric C. Villanueva, Antonio C.   Laurena, Roberta N. Garcia, Mary
Ann O. Torio, and Lotis E. Mopera
Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Md2   Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) Variety at Three Stages
of Ripening
L11 15:55-16:20 Julie   A. Panghulan Lactuca sativa extract as an alternative   procoagulant for blood analytes
L12 16:20-16:45 Gaudevic   Lloyd Napod Rivera DR-SIS: Student Performance Module of Web-based   Information System for LBASS
L13 16:45-17:10 AJ Lawrence O. Araba, David B. Calibuso and
Mary Cyrin Victoria C. Defino
Cutin Extract from Colecasia esculenta (GABI) leaves   as Blood Repellant for Fabrics

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 1—Session 8: Science & Technology, IT320A
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Dr. Maxine Newell
Authors Title of Paper
L1 10:15-10.40 Steven   Lolong,* Megel Lalamentik and Jeniffer Kindangen Dictionary Application of Human Diseases for Android
L2 10:40-11:05 Joe   Yuan Mambu, Edson Yahuda Putra, Marco Owen Hello   and Dimash Sandil PC Assembling Introductory Using Android-Based   Interactive Hybrid Reality
L3 11:05-11:30 Green   Mandias, Andria Wahyudi, Hendriawan Jumawan and Raissa   Camilla An Android Application to Evaluate Piano Playing   Using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Algorithm
L4 11:30-11:55 Rut   Normasari Vegetative Growth Response of Celery Plant (Apium graveolens   L.) to the Application of Organic Fertilizer
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Kamolnan Taweeyanyongkul 
L5 13:10-13:35 Jein   M. Rewah, Tairas and Anastasya Maria Analysis of Information Quality Klabat University’s   Academic Information System
L7 14:00-14:25 Joshua   H. L. Tobing, Donn R. Ricky, M. Kes, Meyria K.   Situmeang and S. Si Growth Regulating Substance and Media on the Growth   Rate of White Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)
L8 14:25-14:50 T.   Anthoney Swamy& Edwin Miyogo In Vitro Antibacterial Effect of Ethanolic-Aqua   Extract of Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Leaves against Four
Selected Pathogenic   Microorganisms
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Dr. Maxine Newell
L9 15:05-15:30 Jacquline   Morlav S. Waworundeng, Charlie Deeng and Gerald Richi   Deeng Prototype of Mobile Robot Vacuum Cleaner Based on Microcontroller
L10 15:30-15:55 Mizael M. David, Anna Liza U. Fofue,
Yanna Yvonne C. Macayan, Michael   Joshua F. Tiongson
Buffered Zinc Acetate Pre-treatment of Hemolyzed   Serum Samples for Total Bilirubin Assay
L11 15:55-16:20 Albert   Hutapea, Loiusa E. Ottemoesoe, Ezra Tampubolon, Brightness   T.A. Y. Siringoringo
and Dwight M. M. Hutapea
Acute Antihyperglycemic Effect of
Moringa   oleiferaLeaves on the Postprandial Blood Glucose Excursions among   Normoglycemic
L12 16:20-16:45 Anna Cariza Ayad,Karen Nicole Buerano, Sony Andrew Siregar Sormin, Carmela, Malabat,   Susy Jael,
Divina Lea, Joanne   Lucero
Antibacterial Efficiency of Pomelo Peel Extract on   Various Concentrations against Selected Microorganisms
L13 16:45-17:10 Charlene   Alicia Wagiuand Yulianus Palopak The Design of Scheduling and Reporting System of   Annual Bible Reading Activities at Seventh Day Adventist
Church Based on   Android
End of Sessions on Day 1

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 1: Allied Health, IT328
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Dr. Jarurat Sriratanaprapat
Authors Title of Paper
L14 10:15-10.40 Crisell Joy D. Dela Peña, Maybelle F. Fabito,Melarnie June A. Jacinto and
Maribel Balagtas*
Development of Granola Bars with taro Colocasia   Esculenta Root, Okara Pulp Flour, and Moringa Oleifera
L15 10:40-11:05 Weanne   Myrrh R. Estrada Biointensive Gardening as a Tool for Combating   Malnutrition
L16 11:05-11:30 Sopheak Pol, Vuthy Uo,
Susy Jael, Beryl Ben Mergal, Malabat Carmela
Lifestyle Practices and the Prevalence of Obesity   among College Students
L17 11:30-11:55 Theodora Wilhelmina Widjaja, Larissa Ndamukunda,
Gladys Mae Laborde, Maribel Balagtas,   Ruchel Oasan, and Lorcelie Taclan
Development and Acceptability of Carica papaya   Leaves and Mentha spicata Enhanced Ice Cream
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Chantana Lortajakul
L1813:10-13:35 Keyzha   Linny Malintiand Samuel M. Simanjuntak Lifestyle and Life Span of the Seventh-day   Adventists in Minahasa Conference
L19 13:35-14:00 Chu-mei   Wu   and Evelyn Almocera The Effect of Breast Self-Examination and Lifestyle   Modification on Breast Cancer Prevention among Female
University Students
L2014:00-14:25 Maurice   Amiel B. Villorente& Junka C. Shiozawa Impact of Knowledge and Attitude on Preventive   Practice Regarding Dengue Fever among Residents in Dasmariñas
City, Cavite: A   Structural Equation Modeling Approach
L2114:25-14:50 Ervin John Acoba Barros, Mary Anne Ramos   Callanta,Gabriel Dichoso Ortega,
Uriel   Zarsaga, Lorcelie Taclan, et al.
Hemostatic Activity of Saba Banana (Musa sapientum   Linn. var. compressa) Peel Extract on Sprague Dawley
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Dr. Pornpan Saminpanya
L22 15:05-15:30 Kristel Ezra Sabino Berosil, Louise Anne Agnazata   Gayo, Johann June Taawan,
Melody Dela   Paz, et al.
Development of Hand and Body Liquid Soap from   Polyalthia longifolia (Sonn) Thwaites (Mast Tree) Leaf Extracts
L23 15:30-15:55 Guilther Bicera, Naphi Yaen M. Caymo, Levin R.   Santos,
Princess Red Rose P. Gabutero
In vitro study of Angelica keiskei as Medium for   Gram-Negative Bacilli

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 2: Allied Health/Education, IT228
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Poomarin Intachai
Authors Title of Paper
L14 10:15-10.40 Pornpan Saminpanya and   Ampaiwan Toomsan Twenty First Century Skills of Nursing   Students of Mission Faculty of Nursing, Asia-Pacific International
L15 10:40-11:05 Florida  Hondo, Elton Joseph Ludji Leo and Debbily Yuan Boyoh Anxiety Level of Multi-system Pre-surgical Patients   at Bandung Advent Hospital
L16 11:05-11:30 Rachel Claudia and Idauli Simbolon Effectiveness of Warm and Cold Hydrotherapy to   Reduce Insomnia Level of Elderly in Service Area of Parongpong’s
Community   Health Center West Bandung
L17 11:30-11:55 Ye Eun Hong, Sonue Park, Agnes Agadel P.   Dizon,
Nathalya Bmay A. Subido; et   al.
Prevalence of Dental Caries on Permanent   First Molars of 7-Year Old School-Aged Children: Basis for the
use of Pit and   Fissure Sealants
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Poomarin Intachai
L18 13:10-13:35 Soputri_Nilawati,   & Rivai Orin Valentine Sianipar Does Technology Based Media Provide a More   Satisfaction Health Education than Conventional Method?
L19 13:35-14:00 Ivanna   Junamel Manoppoand Kimberly M. Karundeng Determinant of the Incidence of Preeclampsia in   Pregnant Women at RSUP Prof. Dr. R. D. Kandou Manado (Analysis
Secondary Data   2013)
L20 14:00-14:25 Reagen   Mandiasand Lea Andy Shintya Effect of Forced-air Blanket, Warm Blanket and Its   Combination to Post-operative Hypothermic Patients
L21 14:25-14:50 Arlien   Jeannete Manoppo The Influence of Progressive Muscle Relaxation   Technique to Blood Pressure and Heart Rate on Hypertension
Clients at the   Adventist Hospital in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
Moderator: Lalita   Kurian
L22 15:05-15:30 Ronny   H. Waleanand Yeane Koyongian An Analysis of Factors Affecting Students’ Selection   of Senior High School
L24 15:55-16:20 Jollie   Simpul& Oktavian Mantiri The Impact of Smartphone on Student Study Habit
L25 16:20-16:45 Ghammelin   Catherine Sibilang Unai Nursing Students’ Perception to Stigma towards   PLWHA before and after Health Education about HIV
and AIDS
L26 16:45-17:10 Geraldine   Lerus Jumawid, Risper Akelo Awuor and Warren Shipton Teachers’ Perception on the Level of School   Administration Involvement in Their Professional Development
and Its   Influence on Job Satisfaction in Thai SDA Primary Schools

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 3: Education, IT235
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Shibi Chacko
Authors Title of Paper
L14 10:15-10.40 Darrin   Thomas Segmentation of Tertiary English Second Language   Students Language Learning Strategies
L15 10:40-11:05 Virginia   G. Sengkeyand Eva H. Galag Students’ Attitude and Motivation in Learning   English
L16 11:05-11:30 Ate   Gueen L. R. Simanungkalit The Relationship between Social Skills and Academic   Achievement of Universitas Klabat Students
L17 11:30-11:55 Joppi   J. Rondonuwu Mathematic Skill, Verbal Skill, Mathematic   Achievement, and English Achievement
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr. Oktavian Mantiri
L18 13:10-13:35 Jeanette   J. Bawengan, Gabriella Baureh and Rani Mewengkang Students Affective Strategies and Anxiety in   Learning English
L19 13:35-14:00 Petrus   Kondo Contributing Factors to Students’ English Speaking   Performance at Universities Klabat
L20 14:00-14:25 Fanny   Helda Rantung The Usage of Games in the Classroom and Kinesthetic   Students’ English Achievement
L21 14:25-14:50 Rouna   Paoki The Effect of Office Administration Staffs Services   Towards Students’ Satisfaction in Universitas Klabat
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Shibi Chacko
L23 15:30-15:55 Lely   Sualang English Students’ Involvement in English Activities   and Their English Achievement
L25 16:20-16:45 Alina   Dumitrescu Unplugging Pornography – Equipping Teachers Fight   the New Drug, and Helping Students Escape the Trap and
Stay Pure
L26 16:45-17:10 Azarya Ita Karina Pelawi, Sarah Eugelia Sagala,
Nerilyn Ann R. Beratio
Development of Piano Music Book using Indonesian Folk   Song for Piano Beginners

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 4: Education / Social Science, IT306
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Jebamani Anthoney
Authors Title of Paper
L14 10:15-10.40 Nakhon Kitjaroonchai and
Tantip Kitjaroonchai
Students’ Perception of Morality and Religious   Activities in Relation to Academic Achievement in an Adventist
Institution in   Thailand
L15 10:40-11:05 Nelda   A. Nacion Classroom, Environment and the Stratification of   Senior High School Student’s Mathematics Ability Perceptions
L16 11:05-11:30 Hernan   G. Pantollaand Nelda A. Nacion Identifying Major Determinants of the Academic   Performance
L17 11:30-11:55 Phanommas   Bamrungsin Enhancement Students’ Innovation and Learning Skills   for 21st Century and Thailand 4.0: A Case Study of
Mahapajabati Buddhist   College, Thailand
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Alvina Sulankey
L18 13:10-13:35 Nakhon   Kitjaroonchaiand Esther Hungyo The Relationship between Students’ Academic   Achievement and Their Moral and Religious-related Activities
Involvement in A   Faith-based School: Evidence from Thailand
L19 13:35-14:00 Edwin Balila, Ivonne Panjaitan,
Dina Galang
Mediation and Moderated Mediation in the   Relationship among Environmental Factors, Health-Related Knowledge,
Attitude,   Practices, Age and Gender
L21 14:25-14:50 Ma.   Theresa Christine C. Valdez, Lea D. Maderal Perception of Students online Homework in Integral   Calculus and Its Relation on Their Motivation and Performance
BREAK 14:50-15:05
L22 15:05-15:30 Irene Mirasol-Rivera Language Learning   Experiences of ESL Students Engaged in Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)
L23 15:30-15:55 Maria   Theresa D. Gochuico Blurred   Lines: Our Extension Work or My Extension Work?
L24 15:55-16:20
L25 16:20-16:45
L26 16:45-17:10

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 5: Theology, IT307
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Gerard Bernard
Authors Title of Paper
L14 10:15-10.4 Faith S. Bayona,
Julio C. Amurao*
Phenomena of Clapping of Hands in the Bible and the   Present Time
L15 10:40-11:05 Sanghoon   Jee A Critical Evaluation of the Understanding of   Dispensationalism on the Fulfilment of the Signs of the
Second Coming of   Jesus Christ
L16 11:05-11:30 Franklin   Hutabaratand Luesak Yangkullawat Gnosticism and the ‘Gospel’ of Thomas: A Biblical   Response
L17 11:30-11:55 Alfredo   Augustin The “Seal of the   Living God” in Rev 7:1-8: An Exegetical Study”
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr Boonrat Moolkeo







L18 13:10-13:35 Dj   Herjai Zahari and Milton T. Pardosi A Cause Analysis of Church Members Is Comfortable or   Uncomfortable Dwelling in God’s Tabernacle Based
on Psalm 84:1,2 and 4
L19 13:35-14:00 Petronio   M. Genebago The Messenger of the Covenant: Identification,   Meaning, and Implications (Malachi 2:17-3:6)
L20 14:00-14:25 Denny Austin Panjaitan and
Milton Thorman Pardosi
A Theological Analysis of the Christ’s Cross Symbol   Accordance with the Bible and It’s Use Based on John
L21 14:25-14:50 Lolina   T. Mostaza, Reuel E. Narbarte, Francisco D.   Gayoba, Robert Borromeo, Jolly
S. Balila
Mediating Effect of Personality Traits on   Religiosity and Ethical Leadership: Basis for a Leadership Development
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Mahaingam Varah







L22 15:05-15:30 Milton   T. Pardosi The Application of Women Wearing Head Covering and   Their Role in Ministry Based on 1 Corinthians 11:3-6
and 14:34,35
L23 15:30-15:55 Dominic Carpentero and
Rico Javien
Theological Implications of the Mother’s Names   Attached to the Judean Kings
L24 15:55-16:20 Budi   Harwanto The Mediating Role of Disciple-Making Process in the   Relationship of Church Ministry Programs and Church
Membership Retention
L25 16:20-16:45 Gerry   Takaria Managing Conflict that Happen in God’s People
L26 16:45-17:10 SPARE

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 6: Business, IT210
L14 10:15-10.40 Majeed Dramani Mahama and
Lualhati Sausa*
Predictors of Organizational Innovation of Selected   Hospitals in the Philippines
L15 10:40-11:05 Kartini   Hutagaoland DanielNicson Simanjuntak Prediction of Risk of Bankruptcy of a Company
L16 11:05-11:30 Judith   T. Gallena, Victor C. Sinaga and Daniel Steward TheAuditors’   Professionalism: Its Impact on Audit Quality
L17 11:30-11:55 Pratoomma   Fangpet and Wayne Hamra Perception of Leader-member Exchange: Evidence from a   Southeast Asian Non-profit Organization
LUNCH 11:55-13:10
Moderator: Dr Kazimoto Muysia
L18 13:10-13:35 Joan   Yuliana Hutapea
The Influence of Leadership Techniques and   Motivation to Keep Employees Productivity at the Adventist
University of   Indonesia
L19 13:35-14:00 Grace   Orlyn Sitompul Factors Affecting User Satisfaction in Business   Organizations As Perceived by Employees
L20 14:00-14:25 Lovely H. Sinuhaji and
Heddry Purba
The Influence of Management Information System and   Distribution Channels towards Company Performance in
PT UltraJaya Milk   Industry, Tbk.
L21 14:25-14:50 Jhon   Rinendy The Effects of Job Satisfaction to Employee Fraud   Risk in Adventist Universities of the Southern Asia
Pacific Division
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Sundaresan Mohan







L22 15:05-15:30 Hisar   Pangaribuan  Audit Quality, Independence of Auditor and   Implementation of Audit Standard: A Survey Based Study
L23 15:30-15:55 Jenny   Sihombing, Hisar Pangaribuan and Elisabeth Sagala The Study of Total Cash Dividend, Corporate Size,   Audit Opinion and Share Price within Banking Companies
in Indonesia
L24 15:55-16:20 Wanlee Putsom, Damrong Sattayawaksakul,
Walaiporn Seksantisakul and Nittaya   Leenothai
The Relationship between Social Skills   and Learning Achievements of Business Students at Asia-Pacific
International   University
L25 16:20-16:45 Clara
LIAW and Henry L. Foster






Faculty of Business Administration, Asia-Pacific International University, Muak Lek, Thailand;

Perceived Personal and Organizational Values Congruence at Asia-Pacific International University
L26 16:45-17:10 SPARE

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 7: Science-Technology, IT222
BREAK 10:00-10:15
Moderator: Alwyn Chacko
Authors Title of Paper
L14 10:15-10.40 Arvyl Jan L. Andaya, Prince Duncan C. Maylas,
Ma. Estrella H. Sales*
Averrhoa bilimbi extract as an alternative   anticoagulant for manual complete blood count
L15 10:40-11:05 Jhoseph B. Carranza, Precious Gem L. Molina,John   Joseph R. Ortañez,
Lorcelie B. Taclan,   Vicky C. Mergal and Orlex Yllano
Flavonoids, Alkaloids and Tannins of Three Varieties   of Horse Radish (Moringa oleifera Lam.) Extracts:
Potential Components of   Toothpastes
L16 11:05-11:30 Orlex   B. Yllanoand Benjamin R. de Jesus Impact of Heavy Metal (Pb2+) Stress on the   Structural Integty of Cells and Tissues of Zea mays L.
L17 11:30-11:55 Myrnille   Joy B. Zabala, Lolita G. Lagurin, Fabian M. Dayrit 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Phytochemical   Profiling of the in Vitro Antidiabetic Potential of Vitex
negundo L.
LUNCH 11:55-13:
Moderator: Dr. Joy Kurian
L18 13:10-13:35 Elmor   Benedict Wagiu Web-based Human Resource Information System Analysis   and Design Using Rapid Application Development (RAD)
L19 13:35-14:00 Yusuf   Gandhi Putra  Stress Classification on Thermal Images: A Deep   Stacked Autoencoder Approach
L20 14:00-14:25 Marvel   Reuben Suwitono, Juniarti P. Sahat, Joshua H.L. Tobing,   and Ellen V.N. Simaang Growth Hormone Effects in Plantlet Micropropagation   of Several Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Varieties
BREAK 14:50-15:05
Moderator: Dr. Anthoney Thangiah
L22 15:05-15:30 Yusran   Samuel, Antonius Maryo Manurung and Elmor Wagiu Reservoir Water Level Monitoring System using   Ultrasonic Sensor and Text messages (SMS)
L23 15:30-15:55 Lovely   G. Sepangand Florensia Linda Siwu The Description of Basic Sanitation and Level of Fly   Density in UNKLAB School Labor Canteen
L24 15:55-16:20 Marvel Reuben Suwitono, Joshua H. L. Tobing,   Juniarti Sahat,
Doli Situmeangand   Levina J. E. Priscilla
The Introduction of   Growth Hormone in Murashige and Skoog Media Modifications to The Growth of
Potato Plantlet (Solanum tuberosum L.) Using the Variety of Atlantic, Granola   and Medians
L25 16:20-16:45
L26 16:45-17:10 SPARE

Lecture Sequence & Time Allocation

DAY 2—Session 8: No Program, IT320A
L1410:15-10.40 Sebastian
MORAGA, Faculty of Business Administration, Asia-Pacific International University;
Proposal for a Solution to the Point-to-Point Shortest Path Problem in the k2-Tree
L1510:40-11:05 NIL
End of Sessions on Day   2

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